February 20, 2010

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Convictions to Action:  
Lessons from Margaret Sanger

February 15, 2010

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“There is no human circumstance more tragic than the persisting existence of a harmful condition for which a remedy is readily available. Family planning... is possible, practical and necessary...Sanger launched a movement which is obeying a higher law to preserve human life under humane conditions. Margaret Sanger had to commit what was then called a crime in order to enrich humanity, and today we honor her courage and vision; for without them there would have been no beginning”

- Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. PPFA Margaret Sanger Award acceptance speech delivered on his behalf by his wife, Coretta Scott King: “Family Planning- A special and urgent concern”.

а blog entry bout PP health center in Oregon

February 14, 2010

PP does not target minorities

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself, a longtime supporter of Margaret Sanger and the birth control movement: "There is striking kinship between our movement and Margaret Sanger's early efforts ... Our sure beginning in the struggle for equality by nonviolent direct action may not have been so resolute without the tradition established by Margaret Sanger and people like her."

The real issue is disparities in health-care access, something the African-American community experiences across the country

Suggesting that the Women's Right to Know Act [what is this?] would help reduce abortion in the African-American community is insulting. That implies that women of color are incapable of or unable to make this very personal, difficult decision. In reality, this bill is designed to shame women, to intimidate them when they are in a vulnerable situation. That's not health care, and I definitely cannot equate it to the comprehensive, compassionate options counseling - which includes our adoption services and access to prenatal care - that is provided to every woman facing an unintended pregnancy at a Planned Parenthood center.

We cannot continue to allow myths about family planning to be presented as fact.

contraceptives promote promiscuity and lewd behavior

Initial birth control laws had little to do with right-to-life issues, but instead reflected the view that contraceptives promoted promiscuity and lewd behavior.

The major players in this should-we or shouldn’t-we drama were Anthony Comstock, who presented the federal government with an anti-obscenity bill, and birth-control advocate Margaret Sanger.

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The author = Rosemary E. Bachelor
She descends from three Mayflower pilgrims and numerous pre-1650 immigrants to New England.
She also wrote about birth control history

February 13, 2010


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ms session

Dear Boris,
You requested that we remind you about the following event:
History Forum: Margaret Sanger
Minnesota History Center, St. Paul MN, 651-259-3000
As a public health nurse in the New York slums, Margaret Sanger worked with hundreds of mothers who wanted to ease their families’ path out of poverty by preventing unintended pregnancies, but had no safe way to do so. The experience inspired Sanger to launch a 50-year crusade to legalize birth control and sex education. Presented by Ellen Chesler, historian and author of the Sanger biography "Woman of Valor," and director of Hunter College’s Eleanor Roosevelt Initiative on Women and Public Policy at Roosevelt House.

Time: 2 to 3:15 p.m.
Fee: $14; $10 MHS members. SOLD OUT.

Reservations: required call 651-259-3015
Other Events in This Series
3/6/2010 History Forum: Frederick Douglass, In Search of A Better World
For more information about other events at the Minnesota Historical Society, please visit our web site at http://events.mnhs.org/calendar/.

February 12, 2010

Women of Color and the Anti-Choice Focus on Eugenics

The angle – that reproductive health care providers are organized to increase abortions by people of color in a plot to commit genocide for profit – has been in play by anti-choicers for years.  That theory has been, is now, and will always be insultingly paternalistic in its assumptions about women of color seeking reproductive health care.

I’ve heard of the black genocide conspiracy for years.  I am an activist in my home city of St. Louis Missouri and many of the young women of color I work with are aware of the rumors and ask questions about them.  

In my volunteer work I have met young women who thought drinking a certain soft drink would either prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections; others who have heard that contraceptives give users HIV; and some who were convinced that the withdrawal method protected them from sexually transmitted infections.  In the absence of knowledge, dangerously inaccurate information reigns supreme without challenge or correction.  

The truth is:

Clearly there are a lot of health-care related reasons why reproductive health care providers seek to provide services to communities of color.
Women of color are not children unable to make health care decisions, our children are not a species on the brink of extinction through an organized genocidal plot and justice is found when a people are unbound and empowered by medically accurate knowledge rather than dogma.  This Black History Month, despite well-produced marketing campaigns designed to spark fear and perpetuate myths, we must recommit ourselves to the struggle for reproductive justice in our communities.  Now, more than ever, we need to address the realities on the ground and reject the conspiracy theories being shouted by the anti-choice mob. 

похоже эта ссылка у меня уже есть,
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Сэнгер и евгеника

201 год Дарвину

неплохая заметка получилась
там же надо проставить тег персоналия

February 10, 2010

global idiotic values

если Вы думали, что идиотия -- характерная черта русских демографов -- Вы свершыли ашыпку :)

это общее место идиотов всех стран: сообщающиеся сосуды, аборты и рождения

вот и пример:
"The impact of abortion has become so great that it has begun to impact [the] fertility rate" in the black community.

клёвый комент по ссылке (верхней), рациональность также глобальна:
Instead of spending so much money on billboards, and so much time on protesting abortion clinics, why don't they instead take foster parent classes and take in every one of these children whose parents can't care for them??? Oh yeah, I forgot, they are much better at judging others then they are at helping others.....

February 8, 2010

feminist view

Faye Wattleton, an African American woman was president of Planned Parenthood from 1978–1992 (14 years)

need more info bout Faye ;)

from Do Black Women’s Reproductive Rights Matter?
atlanta antiabortion
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PP dupes

How Planned Parenthood Duped America

opposing txt but useful = many facts

Source: BlackGenocide.org

I found at keyboard militia

February 6, 2010


George Bernard Shaw, Hitler, and Margaret Sanger

In this clip from the 2008 film “The Soviet Story“, we see that George Bernard Shaw, the celebrated progressive playwright defended Hitler, advocated killing those who can’t justify their existence and called for the development of lethal gas 10 years before the national socialists in Germany did exactly that.

George Bernard Shaw was one of the left’s most revered figures and the only person besides Al Gore to win both an Oscar and a Nobel prize.

1936 India

very informtive
Mahatma Gandhi and Margaret Sanger.
Gandhi’s birth control of choice

Mike Wallace Interview

The Mike Wallace Interview
Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger, the leader of the birth control movement in America, talks to Wallace about why she became an advocate for birth control, over-population, the Catholic Church, and morality.

интервью -- основание для транслитерации = Сэнгер

nicely formulated

She was the founder of Planned Parenthood and fought for the legality and use of birth control.  She was a socialist, an athiest, a feminist, and supported negative eugenics.  In short, she wanted undesirable people (those with diseases, mental problems, etc.) not to have any children, and poor or black people to have very few.  She subscribed to the evolution-inspired notion of creating a pure race.  As a feminist, she just in general didn't see childbearing or child raising as worthwhile pursuits for women.  Too bad her mother didn't see it that way.  She was the 6th child.

...she was generally against abortion, believing it to be much more preferable to prevent a pregnancy than to end a life.  This was back before the Pill, but now we know that the Pill causes early abortions.  I don't quite understand why pro-lifers take the Pill.

Sanger's main argument that led to many birth control clinics opening was that there were poverty-stricken, syphilis-infected prostitutes who were performing their own abortions and dying from it.  She argued that in these type of cases preventing pregnancy altogether was preferrable to an early death.  Obviously, many agreed with her and that's why birth control is now mainstream.  But we've all not only bought her ideas about birth control for the "undesirables" of society, but we've taken it a step further and now we prevent our babies even if we have plenty of money for another child, no diseases, and a stable home!

some of the most conservative Christians I've ever met have the same view of children as a socialist athiest of 100 years ago.

opponent says

Birth control leader Margaret Sanger: Darwinist, racist and eugenicist

Margaret Sanger around 1938
«Margaret Sanger around 1938» на Яндекс.Personlia

Negro Project revisited

calm christian paper:

Margaret Sanger and The Infamous “Negro Project”

with reference to MSPP

Susan Hill

Susan Hill — The national women's rights advocate and the owner of several abortion clinics around the country died of breast cancer. Ms. Hill, who made her home in Raleigh, N.C., was 61.

Ms. Hill focused on establishing clinics in rural areas, where women had no access to abortion services, and opened more clinics than anyone else in the United States, sometimes drawing 1,000 protesters at a time. She sued protesters 34 times for blocking entrances and physically preventing women from going into the facilities.

"She's probably the toughest person I ever knew," said her older brother Dan Hill, who lives in Durham, N.C. "She's the only person I knew who wore a bulletproof vest to work or was suppphilly.comosed to wear one to work. People really wanted to kill her, and she never flinched."

In 2007, Ms. Hill received the Nancy Susan Reynolds award from North Carolina for public advocacy in the face of personal risk. She also received the North Carolina Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award and the Raleigh National Organization for Women award.

stltoday and the state (south carilina) + philly.com

February 1, 2010

MLK Niece

Dr. Alveda King, pro-life advocate and niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., has attacked Planned Parenthood, saying its comments about the civil rights leader amount to “lying.” She charged that the organization misrepresents Rev. King’s reception of the Margaret Sanger Award.

source + more

exposed conspirology

Presumably, the Rothschilds, a Talmudic family with early Masonic and Illuminati connections, actively promoted and financed eugenics and depopulation behind the scenes.... establishing the International Planned Parenthood Federation, in conjunction with the Eugenics Society. This formed a private, global system in which the elite could choreograph an international holocaust, within the context of offering humanitarian services, all under the jurisdiction of the U.N. flag, another Rockefeller front organization

(in Deanna Spingola February 1, 2010 NewsWithViews.com) it the first part of two papers, contains lots of facts which need others sources for double/tripple check ;)

pt 2 of the same

with reference to Anton Chaitkin specultion about support to Nazi experiments and then to AIDS developed in the US

both in one place