November 9, 2012

July 1920

левая фотка: М Сэнгер с Гербертом Уэллсом и Отисом Скиннером (точной даты нет), правая -- путешествие по Британии
подробности в блоге MSPP 
Margaret Sanger, "Clinics the Solution," Jul 1920.
Published article. Source: Birth Control Review, July 1920, 6-8 , Margaret Sanger Microfilm S70:843 .
This article was introduced by a short recap of Sanger's trip to England by the Birth Control Review editor.
Margaret Sanger, "Comstockery in America," journal article, 1915.
Margaret Sanger became nationally famous for organizing a birth-control movement. In this 1915 issue of the International Socialist Review, Sanger discusses working women.

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