April 7, 2013

finger prints

правая рукалевая рука6 марта 1917 года (через день началась революция в РИ) вышла из тюрьмы (Queens County Penitentiary) после отбытия 3-х дневного заключения за открытие клиники в Браунсвилле. Выход был намечен на 8 утра, но она появилась только в 10-30. Ожидавшим пояснила, что боролась против снятия пальчиков. Считая себя политической (за принципы) заключённой, она отказалась давать отпечатки пальцев. В доказательства она показала руки с красными пятнами. По версии полиции (Police Commissioner, Burdette Lewis) отпечатки были сняты за день до освобождения без применения насилия.
В общем, мнения разделились хотя адвокат МС Jonah Goldstein поддержал её точку зрения. (это из MSPP блога)

На сайте MSPP есть ещё статейка про пальчики:

"Hands Up!," Winter 2003/4, #35

В 1933 году гадалка из Индианаполиса Nellie Simmons Meier предложила МС показать ей ручки, поскольку она пишет книжку о великих людях {Lions' Paws: The Story of Famous Hands [New York, 1937]}. МС согласилась (see above :) [яптоже] В своём заключении учёная палмистристка написала: понятно - почему она начала свою деятельность, потому что интуичит и проч бред про ВинусэндМарс ...

"As I looked at her palms I understood why she, of many women who had gone through a similar experience, had begun her work. If you will look closely at her hands you can see the circle of intuition in both, that is, the curve which leads from under the mount of Mercury, the fourth finger, and extends to the percussion of the hand on the mount of the Moon. The whorl of the capillaries form what I call ‘thumb' of ‘finger' impressions of Luna, as if fingers had just rested upon the spots. These are found not only upon the mount of the Moon, but between the second and third fingers and the third and fourth fingers. These are all signs of intuitive gifts. Margaret Sanger does little conscious planning. She receives impressions and makes plans without knowing that she does anything. Suddenly a course of action lies open before her. It is plain and direct; the only course she can possibly follow.
As she shook hands with me I felt in that sincere firm grasp, an immediate reaction to my personality. The resiliency of her palm is remarkable, she literally feels a person's mood and opinion, as she touches the hand.
The development of the mount of Venus coupled with the drooping of her head line in the left hand to the mount of the Moon shows her sympathy with the problems of others together with an imagination that at times interferes with her clarity of judgment. She has suffered periods of great depression because of lack of progress in her work. The straight head line in her right hand shows that she gained confidence as she went on. The development of the mount at the base of the first finger, Jupiter, shows that she had some love of approbation, but not enough to be a motivating force. Her motivation comes from impulse, sympathy with others, and her rare intuitive qualities. There is no self–interest in it. Her driving power again is impulse, backed by intuition. She is a true reformer in that she is not a self seeker, but she is a reformer of a rare type, and her success must be explained by her intuitive qualities. Hard as her struggle has been, she seized upon the propitious time to launch her cause." (Lions Paws, 149-150.)

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