June 27, 2010

from violet blue

FOX Goggles is going to be a new feature here on Tiny Nibbles: it’s shorthand for when a story about sex in culture hits corporate news media and gets spun wildly, often falsely, out of proportion to the point of misleading the public. It happens quite a bit: remember when all us ladies “lost” our G-Spots at the beginning of the year? We got them back, but the point is that until mainstream media starts doing the job of journalism about sex, they should be hung from the highest tree and ridiculed. We deserve so much better. And we all know that FOX is not just a media channel, it’s a noun and a verb. There will be FOX Goggles Awards at the end of this year. It’s like “beer goggles” for sex news; as in when you drink so much the skankiest piece in the bar looks like pure hotness.
The first official FOX Goggles sighting is the Planned Parenthood sex ed class news item from earlier this week. Sex acts with stuffed animals! Showing pornography to children! Demonstrations on male genitalia! Um… no. In your wet dreams, FOX-sturbators.
Sex education is required by law in Iowa schools, and kids can opt-out. At Shenandoah’s high school, young adults get their sex ed in biology class; student age range is 14-16. Until this year, biology classes were led by Bethany Christian Services, teching a federally funded abstinence education course called Keyed-In to Abstinence. The program focuses on teaching students the consequences of premarital sex as well as how to “resist sex,” and that abstinence enhances their future relationships. This year, the school combined the religious “biology lesson” with curriculum from Planned Parenthood. The PP materials included instructions on sexually transmitted infections, contraception and reproductive anatomy.
When some of the conservative parents heard from their teens about the classes, they flipped: and what important here is that only some of the parents were outraged. Conservative paper Omaha World Herald reported on it pretty fairly saying, “Despite the protests, Profit said he received an equal number of calls from parents and students who said the instruction they received the Planned Parenthood representative was appropriate and positive. Those students, and their parents, said they had neither seen nor heard of anything troubling happening in the classroom.”
A few hours later, I see FOX pop up in my Google News with this item: Graphic Sex Ed Class Under Fire. According to FOX, young teens were instructed on graphic sexual acts by sicko Planned Parenthood staff, and were shown “simulated sexual acts” with stuffed animals (bestiality!) that were somehow representing STD’s/STI’s. There was an “anatomically correct demonstration” on putting on a condom in a mixed gender classroom, and that parents believe the images shown to their kids (FOX Goggles: children) were “pornographic.” Almost the entire story is reported though quotes from one angry parent: Colleen Dostal queefed all over FOX on behalf of all parents, which was quickly copy/pasted by journalism hookers all over the internet.
FOX, you are one classy bitch. You go girl, and take your pregnant, STD-spreading teenage daughter with you.


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