December 24, 2012

Anarchy in the U.S.A.

‘Sasha and Emma,’ by Paul Avrich and Karen Avrich

новая книжка про им.порт и импорт.ёров анархии и террора в США, вышла недавно. Пол Аврич -- оч известный историк анархизма, одессит
реценция NYT
Саша и Эмма
Выступление Э. Голдман
the bullet from Berkman’s pistol . . . went straight through the heart of the Homestead strike. (рабочее движение США не пошло в сторону террора, а вот наше пошло: сначала индивидуального, потом массового, потом необоснованно массового, и никак не может с него свернуть)

непонятная фраза: Except for a brief period after Berkman’s release 14 years later, their sexual relationship ended, but they remained friends and comrades and maintained their — one can only call it love — for the rest of their lives.
(видимо отношения между ними были какой-то разновидностью постреволюционного БДСМ, мб, Тургенев-Виардо, только хуже)-- Berkman was a difficult man, kind to those close to him but constitutionally incapable of accepting authority

любопытно: Candace Falk, the director of the Emma Goldman Papers project

почти Вовочка: Berkman’s life. Born in 1870, the son of a wealthy merchant in Russia, he was inspired by the political ferment that resulted in the assassination of Czar Alexander II in 1881.

фактура: In 1919, after serving their sentences, Goldman and Berkman, neither of whom was an American citizen, were deported to Russia. Critical of the authoritarian Bolsheviks, they left the Soviet Union in 1921 and began years of exile in Europe, mostly in France. Berkman died in Nice in 1936, killing himself in response to continued ill health. Goldman, who had the opportunity to work with anarchist forces during the Spanish Civil War, died in Toronto in 1940.

When she petitioned to be allowed to enter the United States in 1934, her request was supported by Sherwood Anderson, John Dewey, Sinclair Lewis, Margaret Sanger, Eugene O’Neill and Dorothy Canfield Fisher. “Everyone is an anarchist who loves liberty and hates oppression,” Goldman declared during that visit. That would be pretty much everyone. 

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