July 9, 2013

Margaret Sanger and the Nazis: How Many Degrees of Separation?

Вышла статья в Social Work про логику привязки Сэнгер и планирования семьи к нацистским практикам, логика несложная, обычный микс полуправд и полулжей :)

The syllogism that we most often find looks something like this:
  • Planned Parenthood was founded and primarily influenced by Margaret Sanger.
  • Margaret Sanger was a leading figure in the eugenics movement in the United States.
  • The eugenics movement in this country strongly influenced Nazi eugenics, and thus the Holocaust.
  • Therefore, a strong association exists between M. Sanger (and therefore Planned Parenthood) and the horrors of Nazism.
автор спец по уходу за ВИЧ+, его второе направление: Eugenics and Historical Issues Related to Persons with Disabilities

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