October 17, 2013

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

оказывается первую програмку написала женщина, дочь лорда Байрона:
She was the daughter of Lord Byron, the poet, who split from her mother shortly after her birth. Her mother encouraged her to pursue math to counter her father’s “dangerous poetic tendencies,”
эта програмка была набором команд для несуществующей машины (дочь в отца :)

остальная статья про то как женщины круты, но с любопытным каментом, напоминающим дискуссию о легионерах и доморощеных футбалёрах:
I am an academic who teaches and advises male and female students in applied sciences, and recruit them to work in my lab. After 25 years in this field I am sick and tired of hearing this same lament, that women are underrepresented in science and technology because of reasons beyond their control (male chauvinism, lack of opportunity, lack of role models etc). Here is the truth: Many (not all) talented female students (and there are just as many as male talented students) don't have the guts to stick it through, to compete in an extremely competitive environment, and to deal with the occasional setback. They are not hardened enough, and are not willing to sacrifice for the sake of their career. The current approach of favoring female applicants in hire, student aid, academic awards etc has the opposite effect: Rather than to toughen them up to face the competition and frustrations in the job market, they are told to blame someone else. That's why I see a disproportionate number of female assistance professors not getting tenure because at that stage, all of a sudden in their career, the preferred treatment stops. Now it's down to number of pubs and grants. American women need a healthy dose of can-do and don't give a crap attitude. The older generation of female scientists and engineers (there are some) have shown the way. Time to reflect inside and change your attitude, not to seek blame around you!

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